Hoy heritage project – Creels and Crofts

‘Creels & Crofts’, the Friends of Hoy Kirk heritage project started in May 2011 and will be running over the next two years. Over that time we hope to gather as much Hoy history as we can. This collection of Hoy heritage will be housed at the Hoy Kirk, and we will put on exhibitions and events to share what we find.


The focus of the project is the parish of Hoy.

The photographs, oral histories, newspaper cuttings, artefacts, maps and anything else we receive will be documented and handed back. The archive that we build up will be a digital archive and people will eventually be able to access it on the internet. In the meantime we will put items up on this blog.

At the Hoy Kirk there will be folders of the information so that visitors and locals can enjoy flicking through the photographs and documents. We hope people will be able to use the resource for research and for recreation.

One thought on “Hoy heritage project – Creels and Crofts

  1. Do you have any history on James Watson. Lord of Hoy Northolt? I have a quart pewter tankard with his name engraved on it. Was purchased by my great aunt about 70 yrs ago. Looks early 1700’s 1800’s
    Christopher Morrison

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